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The Xi’an Circumvallation
When you come to Xi'an, you can first board The Xi’an Circumvallation. It is the largest and most preserved ancient city in China. The famous Xi’an Bell and Drum Tower is located in the center of the city wall.
Dayan Pagoda North Square
You can go to the Dayan Pagoda North Square to see the night scene at night.The most famous square in the city, with the largest musical fountain show in Asia every night, is a good place for tourists and citizens to take a leisurely walk. The whole square is centered on the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. The central part is the main scenic waterway. There are many landscapes on the left and right sides and the south end of the square.
Bell and Drum Tower Square
Then walk to the Bell and Drum Tower Square, where you can have lunch and taste the most authentic Xi'an specialties. It used to be the seat of Shangshu Province in the Tang Dynasty, and was the highest administrative organ that carried out state affairs at that time. On the east side of the square stands the bell tower with a history of 600 years, and on the west side stands the largest drum tower in the country. On the north side of the square, there are established long-established shops with Shengxiang, Defa Chang, Wang Haijun, etc.; below the square is the Century Golden Flower Shopping Center.
Shaanxi History Museum
In the afternoon, you can go to the Shaanxi History Museum. The museum concentrates the historical essence of the Chinese nation and is known as the "huaxia treasure library", which is an art hall to display the ancient Chinese civilization and the history and culture of shaanxi province.
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