Professor Patrick, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Professor L.S.Zhang , Northwest A&F University

Technical Committee
Professor L.P.Qian , China Agricultural University
Professor H.Y.Zhang , Inner Mongolia Agricultural University
Professor D.F.Yu, Gansu Agricultural University
Professor S.Q.Tian , Sichuan Agricultural University
Professor M.H.Li , Xinjiang Agricultural University
Professor H.Yuan  of Qinghai University
Professor Z.Q.Zhou  of Ningxia University
Professor N.Y.Liu , Beijing Forestry University
Professor Z.Hao of Northeast Agricultural University
Professor F.H.Zhao , Huazhong Agricultural University
Professor H.W.Chen, Nanjing Agricultural University
Professor Randolph, University of California, Berkeley
Professor Wordsworth, University of Wisconsin, USA
Professor Stev, Purdue University, USA
Professor Jeffrey, Higher School of Agronomy, Paris
Professor Sean, University of Reading, UK
Professor Marsh, Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland
Professor Stanley, Australian National University
Professor Ryan, Texas A&M University, USA
Professor Leif, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Professor Prescott, Guelph, Canada
Professor Kelly, Massey University, New Zealand
Professor Kou Baotaro, Kyoto University, Japan
Professor W. Sasha, Thai Agricultural University
Professor Lambert, University of Hohenheim, Germany
Professor Antony, University of Life Science, Warsaw, Poland
Professor Kevin, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Professor Marcus, Agricultural University of Vienna, Austria
Professor Taylor, University of Sydney
Professor Wilbur, Ghent University, Belgium
Professor Theodore, Catholic University of Chile
Professor Ward, McGill University, Canada
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